The Sisom technology platform is based on three critical interdependent capabilities:

  • Innovative organic and inorganic precursor chemistries that allow thin film deposition at atmospheric pressure resulting in high quality materials and non-toxic reaction byproducts.
  • Thin Film Deposition Tools – Sisom has extensive experience in the design and construction of both vacuum deposition equipment as well as liquid precursor based tools for SPEED. Our facilities include mechanical engineering, electrical and control systems software engineering, machining and system assembly. We can integrate pre and post deposition processes complete with material handling. GP Speed,LPSpeed, and VPSpeed tools for research and development activities are available now, scale up tools for pilot and production have been designed and we will cooperate with our clients to design the right tool for the desired process.
  • Process Control & Material Quality Monitoring – The combination of the engineered chemistry and deposition tools require a process to be developed to yield the specified thin film material characteristics. Sisom has designed automated programmable process controls on all aspects of the deposition tool with closed loop monitoring and data collection. Advanced tools can also be fitted with non-contacting temperature control, high resolution vision to measure film morphology and defects, laser thickness gauges for thickness uniformity, among others.